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        Hekangyuan Group was established in March 2009, headquartered in Jinan, Shandong Province. Hekangyuan Group, the annual sales income   of which refers to  4 billion yuan, runs a full husbandry chain from duck breeding, chicken breeding, feed production, commercial poultry cultivation, slaughtering to frozen food processing  in  30 subsidiaries. HKY's main business activities distributes in Shandong Province, Hebei Province, Jiangsu Province and Inner Mongolia.

        HKY has 6 feed companies, the annual productivity of which is 1 million tons of feed; 9 duck breeding companies, who can produce 2 million parents’ ducks and 300 million commercial ducks; 2 duck food processing companies, based on 60 million commercial ducks’ farm, the annual productivity of which is 150,000 tons of portioned duck meat and 2,000 tons of prepared food. Besides, HKY has 1 research branch, 1 trade companies, 4 cultivation service companies and 4 other companies. All these companies crated a full industry train withs products from farm to home.

The market is the direction of the enterprise, and quality is the mission of the enterprise
Corporate Mission
Create value for customers,Contribute to human health.
Core Values
Practical, benevolent, honest ,and innovative.
Corporate Vision
Creating a world-class company in the duck industry.
Corporate spirit
Start from a young age with a strong mindset.
Corporate Purpose
Create demand for customers, seek happiness for employees;Create benefits for shareholders and value for society.
Adhere to long-term principles, build core strengths, continuously strive and make progress
HKY Group with the certificate of ISO9001, has won many honors, such as Leading National Agricultural Enterprise, Hi-Tech Enterprise, Strongly Advanced Enterprise in National Livestock and Poultry Seed Industry, Top 500 National Agricultural Companies, Advanced Enterprise in China's Animal Husbandry Industry, Leading Enterprise in Shandong Animal Husbandry Industry on the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up, Leading Agricultural Enterprise of Shandong Province in 2022, and High-Quality-Development Qilu Model Enterprise of Feed Industry of Shandong Province in 2021.
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